Friday, February 11, 2011


C&C welcome. Seriously, I insist, GDC is soon.


Zachary said...

Here's my 2 cents, take it with a grain of salt:

I know you're an environment guy, but your figures can be in a more interesting pose, especially since they are just silhouettes. Maybe one of them has an "AW HOLY SHIT" sort of pose because he is in awe of the grandeur of the place.

It also bugs the hell out of me that both figures are identical, but I assume you are going to change that.

I think having two figures in the piece, at that distance away is kind of awkward, unless there is some sort of story reasoning for it. Otherwise I would add a few more in. Maybe the one close to camera is an explorer or some sort of medieval fantasy adventurer, and he has a couple buddies with him. Maybe the one in the bg is a big tough guard with a giant axe and he also has a buddy or two with him.

I'm a big fan of dappled light, and it has a nice way of really cutting across architectural forms. I kind of see a ceiling in this place (out of frame, obviously) with big rafters and the like, so maybe some more shafts of light that are distinctly separated from one another instead of the sort of general gradation you have throughout the entire piece.

Some sort of secondary light source might be cool, maybe some torches or something, or whatever is behind the door inside the structure could be emitting light through the cracks? I donno, this might change the whole feeling of the piece, but it might be worth exploring.

I would chastise you for having such a centered composition, but I think its actually kind of working in this particular case.

I think the design of the door is actually *really* cool, so maybe a little more rendering there to draw in your focus, make a couple of those rib bones read a little better instead of just being brush strokes. This will contrast with the looseness of other areas really well.

Overall, I think its a great piece and definitely a step up from previous stuff I have seen you do. Maybe do another one of the same environment, but a closeup of the door or something? Looking up at it could be really epic.

I wanna see 9 more pieces to a minimum of this level of finish by the end of the month. ;P

Gray Rogers said...

Great great feedback!!! Thank you!

Tom said...

First off, this piece is fuckin DOPE!

I agree mostly with what Zach said, especially about the characters since it's really easy to tell a bit of a story with simple silhouettes.

The lighting works pretty well, definitely looking otherworldly and evil.

A simple crop can fix the symmetry in the composition and definitely draw more attention to the door. Right now when I squint, my eyes go right to the left because the highest contrast is on the columns and pediment.

Finally this is really minor but maybe pump some roids into those little sticks along the wall, they're a bit too toothpick-like and not threatening.

Man I can't wait to see more!